+ What is audisense?

Audisense, "the company" is a technology company providing real-time audience analytics to Brands, Agencies and Media Owners to improve their targeting performance.

+ Why is it needed?

Legacy methodologies are silo and recall based, making it increasingly difficult for Brands, Agencies and Media Owners to make informed decisions on their media strategies.

+ Will my data be passed to any third party?

No, absolutely not. No personal details will be provided to another company or passed to a third party. We aggregate and anonymise app data and never market or sell any individual data to anyone.

+ Are personal details be recorded by the microphone and location services?

No, absolutely not. Data privacy and protection is very important to us. The system cannot recognise conversations so totally privacy is assured. The app works by identifying the audio frequency and matching it against the reference database.

+ Can I switch off the Smartphone at night?

Yes but we recommend leaving your phone switched on and charging it over night to avoid having to re launch the app if the phone is powered off. The phone can be place on silent mode at night.

+ Can I use the Smartphone as normal to make and receive calls?

Yes, you should use the Smartphone in the same way as you always use it. Interruption handling enables the app to re sync to content after a phone call had ended.

+ Will I receive any calls from the company?

By opting in, panel members consent to completing periodic surveys during a defined block of research and receiving phone calls from the company to ensure continued compliance.