Pinpoint the key moments that influence your customers decisions across each channel in realtime.



Identify, Monitor and Analysis media performance and levels of engagement to guide and direct your media spend



Demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaigns and connect to the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.
— John Wanamaker

Turning Reach and Frequency into Connectivity.

Audisense is a technology company developing a data analytics platform that provides real-time cross media consumption insight to Brands, Media Agencies and Media Owners to help improve their targeting performance.

The way we consume content has changed and with so many options to view and listen, it is growing increasingly difficult for Advertisers and Media Owners to make informed decisions to reach and connect with their target audience.



Audio Content Recorder


Web And Social Analytics


Real World Conversions

Cutting Edge Consumption Recognition

No background noise or conversation is recognisable and cannot be identified by the system so total privacy is assured. Our unique and innovative platform gets right to the heart of your audiences preferences, while providing live competitive switch analysis.  Our compelling insights can tell you all you need to know to truly understand your audience in real time.

Live Audio Based Advertisement Detection

We offer the most advanced and accurate Ad Detection strategy analyzing the status and health of your ad creative across the sales funnel.

audisense Web Analytics

Audisense Web Analytics (AWA) solution works by instrumenting your website or App with a Javascript tag which you add to the bottom of each page of your website. AWA will then record the activity across your website and app. AWA aggregates this data to provide detailed web analytics reports about your visitors, page views, referrer information, search engine keywords, Ecommerce, campaigns , live Audio streams and much more! As well as tracking via the Javascript, AWA can provide a Tracking API for more advance uses cases


Cross Media Data Analytics Dashboard

One comprehensive omnichannel platform for precision based targeting and optimised scheduling. Our Real Time Engagement Metrics and Behaviour Analytics help you understand customer:


- Duration

- Recency

- Loyalty

- Engagement

- Social Sentiment

  • Live Visualisation and Reporting Tool of Brand Performance
  • Competitive Analysis and Geo Location Targeting Capabilities

Our cross media data analytics will transform conversion rates and has the potential to deliver an ROI in excess of 25%
— Maryrose Maguire, Audisense Founder



The Benefits

Audisense aims to improve the entire eco system of content creation and media buyers to deliver improved return on investment for advertisers and media owners.

+ For Brands

· Increase Brand Engagement and Drive Sales

· Challenge assumptions with factual insights

· Segment your audience with exceptional precision

· Dramatically Improve ROI with full funnel attribution

+ For Broadcasters And Content Creators

· Measure the success of your stations performance in real time.

· Optimise scheduling and programming

· Sustain and Build New Advertising Revenues with precision based targeting

· Grow Market Share with greater content intelligence

+ For Media Agencies

• Maximise your client's budget and deliver targeted results.

• Validate your purchasing decisions.

• Get the insights you need for that competitive edge.

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